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Custom Bill Book

Looking to build your professional brand with custom bill books? Every bill book format on the myBillBook software is curated to perfection!

Invoices and bill books play a crucial role in the day-to-day financial transactions of a business. Manual bookkeeping can be a tedious job and takes away much of your precious time. Keeping that in my mind, myBillBook online bill book generator offers customisable bill book formats and bill book printing. Add customisations to bill books, print them as per your needs, and make your accounting process swift and seamless with this bill book software for bill book printing online.

What can you change and customize in the custom bill book?

The best part about a custom bill book? Well, it lets you make changes to the basic bill book format to align with your business requirements.

When you use bill book software like myBillBook for creating and printing custom bill books, you can get a range of options to make personalised changes to the format. Here’s a list of what you can change and customise in the custom bill book:

  • Bill book format/template: Choose and customise from a variety of bill book templates with attractive and professional themes and designs.
  • Book size
  • Paper size: A4 and A5
  • Paper quality
  • Regular/thermal printing
  • Number of copies: Duplicate/ triplicate

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Features of custom bill book

What benefits does a custom bill book have over a regular one? Well, it comes packed with features to enhance your professional image through your bills.

Custom bill books come with a host of features that’ll make you choose them over the regular ones, any day! Here are some of the custom bill book features that myBillBook offers:

  • Create bills with or without GST.
  • Customise your bills according to your business type.
  • Choose from multiple themes and free templates.
  • Reduce billing times with the barcode scanning feature.
  • Regular (A4 and A5) and thermal (2-inch and 3-inch paper) available.
  • Create payment receipts, purchase vouchers, purchase orders, quotations, purchase returns, sales returns, expense vouchers, and delivery challans.

Specifications of the bill book

Want to create and print a personalised bill book online? Then it’s important that you know about the specifications.

Before you go for online bill book printing, here are some technical specifications that you should be aware of:

  • Paper type
  • Paper size: A4 or A5
  • Quantity


Here’s what customers have to say about the myBillBook app for mobile and PC.

“Excellent application…user friendly….but still would like to see demo videos for all the modules like purchase order, HR, stock etc…you saved our thousands…..”

  • Kinnari Naik

“Bhai kaha थे aap log, itna Excellent hai aap ka app. If I had got it earlier, I could have SAVED INR 53k for the professional software I borrowed from one Software company (though it was my customised software, hence I love it). Mind blowing yaar, Real Good 👍software!! Hats off to you guys.”

  • 9Diadem Electronics

“I’ve been using billbook it for 3 days now, I think it is good for people who have no accounts knowledge but want to manage accounts stuff without sweating or incur cost to hire an accountant.”

  • Nidhi Jaiswal

“This is a mindblowing golden bundle you shall ever get. It’s a must-have app for all startups to enterprise.. I personally recommend to whoever reads this comment and looking to download this app.. all your accounting and invoicing needs will be fulfilled in one place…”

  • Luxa Media

FAQs about Bill Book

What is a bill book?

A bill book is a book for keeping the financial records of a business such as bills, bills of exchange, promissory notes, etc.

What is a custom bill book format?

A custom bill book format is a modifiable template for creating bill books. You can make customisations as per your needs and generate personalised bill books for your business.

Where can I get a custom bill book format?

There are a number of online bill book software for generating and printing custom bill books. myBillBook offers one of the best features when it comes to creating customised bill books and invoices.

How can I customise my bill books?

The first step to customising your bill books is selecting a reliable online bill book generator. myBillBook offers a host of features to create professional bill books for all business types. Start customising your bill books by selecting one out of the many free and pre-designed templates, add the requisite details such as company name, logo, or company slogan. You also have the option of uploading your own design, but ensure that the resolution is of good quality.

What features can I customise in a custom bill book?

The best part about custom bill books is that you can modify different technical aspects of the bill book such as the size of the book, the quality of the paper, the type of cover (hard/soft), number of sheets in a book, number of carbon copies (duplicate/triplicate), etc.

What is a magnetic bill book?

A magnetic bill book is one that can stick to the surface of a metal, such as your cupboard or refrigerator.

What bill book formats are available?

Bill book formats usually come in three formats – MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF.

What paper sizes are available in myBillBook?

myBillBook offers regular printing (A4 and A5) as well as thermal printing (2-inch and 3-inch paper).

Can I create bills with GST on myBillBook?

Yes, you can. With myBillBook, you can create bills with or without GST as per your need.

What else can I create on myBillBook other than bills?

Besides bills and invoices, you can create payment receipts, purchase vouchers, purchase orders, quotations, purchase returns, sales returns, expense vouchers, and delivery challans on myBillBook.

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